The following is a comparison between conventional alcohol-based hand sanitizers and ANOTEC advanced 24-hour (non-alcohol) hand sanitizer. Both sanitizers kill 99.99% of germs, but that is where any commonality stops.


• Conventional hand sanitizers today contain 65% - 70% ethyl alcohol

Ethyl alcohol delivers a flash kill of bacteria on the skin

• Ethyl alcohol is both highly flammable, and an intoxicant

• Ethyl alcohol has a short life, generally less than a minute

• Ethyl alcohol dewaters, dehydrates and damages the skin

• Ethyl alcohol offers no residual germ protection


• Keeps hands clean, fresh and protected for up to 24 hours

• Key active ingredient is sustainably sourced from nature

• Forms an invisible layer of microbial protection on skin

• One daily application for efficient nonstop germ protection

• No flammable alcohols, poisons, toxins or harmful chemicals

• Skin friendly, non-allergenic, softens and protects the skin

• Confident protection from germs