ANOTEC anti-microbial is developed for superior effectiveness, greater longevity among other competitors. 

The anti-microbial is constructed of three key areas. The first being the silane base, that works as an anchor and attaches itself to almost any surface. 

The second part is the positively charged nitrogen group. This positive nitrogen molecule is important to the protection process, because when micros are in close proximity, they are drawing towards the positive charge. 

The third area of the ANOTEC anti-microbial is the long molecular chain that acts as spear and pierces all of the microbial membranes that coming to contact with it. These three divisions of the anti-microbial work together to give the fresh microbial its effectiveness over much longer periods of time. 

Once the anti-microbial has been applied to a product it will bond and quickly be ready for defence. In this graphic we show how microbial membrane comes and contact with the anti-microbial and its punctured and electrocuted. Once the negative and positive charge coming to contact, the membrane of the micro is destroyed, not only does the anti-microbial destroy the offending micro but because its process does not transfer anything from the micro to the cell; the fresh anti-microbial is able to continue working again and again.

It is important to know that unlike other sanitizing technologies, the bio-tech use by ANOTEC does not promote microbial mutation. As the technology delivers a physical kill, bacteria cannot build up a tolerance to it and pass that tolerance on to subsequent generations.

ANOTEC has been tested on many surfaces against numerous pathogens and ANOTEC has the technology to destroy all of them from fungi, algae, and moulds to bacteria and viruses, Germs Don’t Stand A Chance!