ANOTEC Shoe Sanitizer Deodorizer Protectant 125ml

Main characteristics:

• Water-based formula,no flammable alcohols, no intoxicants, no dangerous goods rating

• Highly effective on athlete’s foot and combating foot odour

• Relieves itching, burning cracking scaling and discomfort which accompany these conditions
• Kills 99.999% of germs that cause foot ailments for up to 7 days
• Primary active ingredient is sustainable and sourced from nature
• Researched and manufactured in Australia
• Safe for the family, pets, plants and environments

ANOTEC Shoe Sanitizer Deodorizer Protectant--Unlike traditional foot products, Anotec delivers a “physical kill” to any pathogen subject to lyses.  A single application forms a durable antimicrobial 
barrier on skin & shoes & socks that kills germs and inhibits the growth of fungi, bacteria and other
micro-organisms for up to 7 days. Not only does ANOTEC shoe freshener sanitizer deodorizer kill
the germs that cause discomfort — it also kills the germs that cause foot odor.

ANOTEC Shoe Sanitizer Deodorizer Protectant is built on ANOTEC’s antimicrobial bio-tech, using intelligent
molecules to actively and consistently reduce pathogen loads on surfaces and skin by using physics to
kill germs instead of chemistry.


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