Traditional cleaning methods aren’t cutting it for us anymore. They have harsh chemicals and require constant re-application. Enter ANOTEC, changing the conversation about how we keep our daily lives clean. With innovative technology and a commitment to safety, ANOTEC changes the way you stay germ free.

We are committed to providing the best defense against germs on the market. Our products are rigorously tested for effectiveness, efficacy, and safety. Everything we do starts with our customers.

ANOTEC antimicrobial products contain no heavy or organo metals, no volatile toxins, they are non flammable, non reactive, non discolouring and stabilised in a safe aqueous solution. They will not leach or deplete, they also do not contain chemical additives, which are recognized endocrine disruptor and they are completely safe for humans, pets, plants and the environment. At ANOTEC we deliver effective ways for people to protect themselves, their homes and family from everyday and potentially life-threatening germs. We believe in helping people stay healthy and giving them peace of mind to live life without the worry.