ANOTEC Anti-Mite & Mould Sanitizer Protectant 500ml

Main characteristics:                       

• Water-based formula, no flammable alcohols, no intoxicants, no dangerous goods rating

• Deactivates 99.999% of germs on hands continually for up to 30 days

• Primary active ingredient is sustainable and sourced from nature

• Deactivates mould and eliminate dust mites, applicable for all surfaces

• Researched and manufactured in Australia

• Safe for the family, pets, plants and the environments

ANOTEC Anti-Mite & Mould Sanitizer Protectant is a revolutionary, highly effective
water-based antimicrobial technology available in a surface sanitizer that inhibits
the growth of bacteria, mould, mite and fungi for up to 30 days.House dust mites
& mould are an unwelcome but prevalent guest in most homes.

ANOTEC gave a complete control of the dust mite population, once applied it decrease
over 17 fold in the mite populations.Unlike traditional bleaches (that do not actually
kill mould but merely remove the colour pigment to make it appear as if the mould
has gone), ANOTEC is applied to kill the surface mould and prevent mould returning
for extended periods for up to 30 days. It is cost effective, safe to use and it works.


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